4/20 at 4:20 we s–erved grilled cheeses, DUH!

Yesssssssssss, we finally had our grand opening on 4/20. What’s that all about? … haha

So we went to Gorilla Radio Smoke Shop on Eastern by the Zia Records! It only seemed fitting with a name like Muncheeze Truck, am I right guys? They sell glass pieces in a mesmerizing glass case (or maybe cause green’s one of my favorite colors).

If you haven’t been in Gorilla Radio before, their walls are all painted up like crazy tagging type graffiti type deal, I don’t know, check it out sometime! Pretty colorful explosion overload for a smoke shop! Haha.

There’s even a small gallery they have in the hallway to the left upon entering the store!

Lots of pieces lined up on the wall with more tagging behind it. Very street feeling. Look a detour sign!

CIVILIAN CLOTHING also put up a piece inside the hallway as well. It was new if I recall correctly! Way cool, and I think the paper on the bottom left was new, and pretty dope looking too. Again! Check it out!

My experience was it was that I guess people actually celebrated it. A day of smokers smoking, chillin’ at the smoke shop, munchin’ on some Muncheeze Truck, hangin with the hangers. You know. Some people even dressed up. A girl brought brownies to celebrate with people. She told me she baked it using lots of cheesecake. Clever girl.

And on the way out Buck handed me one of the most delicious half sandwiches I’ve had. Hopefully you guys and ladies who came through had this same experience! Just hopefully with a full sandwich. :)


Peace, love, grilled cheezes, and smiles,


  • Jpalaciosparra

    where yall gonna be at today dinner time?

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